Translation Services in Advertising of Goods

An advertising text is a piece of information containing promotional content that captures interest of some audience concerning particular goods in order to sell them. It means that every advertising text must perform a number of very important functions. Consequently, translation of such texts is also a significant process that is to follow all the above mentioned functions.

An advertising translation differs a little from a literary translation. These differences manifest themselves in different communicative directions of texts, translation form, and possibilities to use various linguistic means. An advertising text conveys particular features of the goods not only with the help of images, but also through the language. For example, the advertising of play game is highly emotional with bright, expressive words and phrases.

A translation type of the advertising texts depends mainly upon their target audience. Thus, conducted research has shown that the advertising aimed at the aged sells medicines, cheap food, and garden tools. That is why the translation of such texts must not contain any emotional phrases. On the other side, if an advertising text has been created for ordinary audience, a translator is to use general vocabulary without any special terms.

The advertising translation grants high importance to a title, since it must reflect the essence of the message. The title must attract the audience and spar their interest.

The translation of an advertising text itself has its own peculiarities. Firstly, efficient use of different stylistic devices and expressive means improves the quality of a text under translation, since they provoke stronger feelings and emotions. But be careful, because their overuse can cause an absolutely opposite situation. Secondly, one should pay great attention to the translation of verbal phrases, because imperatives create dynamic texts persuading the audience to buy particular goods. Thirdly, the great importance of the advertising is expressed by adjectives. It is these words that allow conveying all the qualities and advantages of the goods developing unique and pleasant feelings.

In conclusion, the advertising translation will be very effective if it combines both linguistic and extra linguistic components.

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