Translation Services to Obtain a Visa

To obtain permission to enter the English-speaking countries such as Australia, the UK and Canada, it’s necessary to translate all the necessary documents to English visa.

The importance of this procedure can’t be underestimated as if there are the slightest inaccuracies or mistakes in translation of the documents submitted to the embassy, an application for entry may be rejected after the interview, even without explaining the reasons.

What documents should be translated and what features should be taken into account at the same time?

Translation of documents for a visa to Australia, Great Britain, Canada and other countries is considered legal. And that’s why it requires strict compliance with all the rules and standards of registration of legal documentation and it’s necessary to achieve the most accurate translation of the meaning of a source.

For many documents in the Internet the ready-made templates can be found, samples, but in each case it’s necessary to take into account certain nuances.

For example, in translation of documents for a visa to the UK notarization is not required, which can’t be said for Australia. In the Embassy of this State documents for a visa are categorically rejected to accept without translation, performed by an accredited specialist and certified by a notary.

It’s interesting that it doesn’t guarantee 100% permission to enter this country. The advantage of Australian service is sending a notification of obtaining a visa by e-mail that obviates the need to visit the embassy again.

For visa to Canada translation of documents is required to be not only in English, but in some cases, in French too.

That is why this procedure is necessary to entrust only to professionals, who are familiar with the requirements of the embassy of this bilingual country.

A list of translated documents for visa

In addition to travel passports and required photos, in the above States embassies an employed person is obliged to provide translation of certificate from the place of work, issued on the letterhead with a stamp.

There must be specified:

• current position;
• date of employment;
• the average monthly wage;
• whether vacation is provided on the trip time (at your own expense or paid).

If a person has been recently moved to a new job, information about payment of their work are available from the last duty station. You will also need a bank statement and a certificate of tax payment.

To obtain a visa, private entrepreneurs provide the copies and translations of the following documents:

• a certificate of registration with the tax authorities;
• a tax return;
• a bank statement.

Pensioners must submit a copy of a pension certificate and its translation.

Students – translation of high school certificate with an indication of the faculty, courses, group and schoolchildren – from school.

When unemployed people, pensioners and children travel abroad, it’s required to provide a sponsorship letter from the person, who pays for the trip.

It should contain:

• degree of relatedness (you may need the relevant documents);
• reasons for trip payment;
• a certificate from the place of sponsor’s work;
• a bank statement with an indication of revenues for the six months;
• tax documents, confirming sponsor’s capacity to pay.

A married couple must provide a copy of a marriage certificate (if there was a divorce, then a divorce certificate) and its translation.

If under-age children go abroad, it’s required to provide copies and translation of a birth certificate and a notarized power of attorney to travel. This document is issued when a child is leaving with one of the parents or accompanying person.

Also, the Embassy may require the copies and translation of a state certificate of property in the country of residence:

• a land plot;
• a house;
• an apartment;
• a package of securities;
• cars and others.
However, these documents aren’t considered a confirmation of capacity to pay of both visa recipient and their sponsor.

When traveling with help of tour operators, sometimes you may require a confirmation of booked tour and route description; a copy and its translation are provided by the company.

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