Translation under Oath

The translations, verified under oath or thorough an affirmance, are documents, which translation is ascertained in a record with a stamp of an appropriate court, where a translator announces that he or she guarantees a high quality of made translation and is ready to be liable to the law. These translations are called affidavits translations and feature with the same legal force as that expert examination has. Very often, affidavits translations must be followed by legalization of the documents through an apostille that provide the document with an equal legal force abroad.

This kind of translation services is popular in legal sphere and required by lawyers, notary officers, and such establishments as embassies and consular agencies, which is explained by the fact that documents must go through validation process before they are sent from one country to another. Even private individuals can face the necessity to affirm translation of private papers for education, emigration, and work.

Affidavits translations are performed by native speakers who specialize in a legal sphere or a particular field that is concerned in a document. Upon completing, a translation is passed to an experienced editor. This qualified person must check the translation against its original as well as for purposes of its fullness, stylistic content, syntax, and well-understood terminology. Then, this text is reread once again to eliminate possible misprints and check original format rules.

If requested by our customers, we can perform document makeup reproducing an original or developing a new document layout, which will increase the value of a translated text and create a professional reputation of our clients. Moreover, we can offer you printing (usual or digital) of target documents.

When all these stages are completed, our project manager will make a final checking of quality in order to satisfy himself that all the possible mistakes and misprints are excluded.

So, if you need to translate affidavits or any other materials verified through an affirmance, our translation firm is the best variant for this task. Our qualified and experienced employees are always ready to translate your documents, and you will be fully satisfied with the quality of target texts.

Justin Diaz, Mexico

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Sarah Allen, England

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