Translations of Composition of Imported Products to Russian

Every person buys something in their lives and first of all something the most necessary. There are some things, without which people cannot do for a long time, and one of them is food. Nutrition is an integral part of every single life; it’s an important condition of its maintenance. In order to be happy, you need to be healthy, and health, paradoxically, depends on the quality of our nutrition, of that food, which we consume. Consequently, each person should know what food should be eaten and eating of what meal is better to avoid. Because everybody wants to live as long as they can and nutrition is a key to that.

In our time, the pace of people’s lives accelerates more and more, that’s why the time for cooking is running short. The easiest way is to run to the supermarket and choose everything the most necessary for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Currently, supermarkets offer a wide range of products and goods, many of which are imported. The choice of one or another product depends on many factors; however, very important factor is what the label says and what components are included in the product. In recent years, more and more people began to think about the quality of their nutrition and accordingly became interested in the components, which are the part of the products, which they buy in the store.

If a product is imported, then translators from translation services, which perform great work – translate composition of a product on the label, deserves much credit. At first glance it seems that translation of single words to another language doesn’t present any difficulty, but that’s not true though. There are some difficulties and nuances; a translator must have good knowledge of the subject and the bonus is technical education related to chemistry, biology and medicine. In addition, there is a need to select such words, which won’t scare customers off, and take into account the fact that not every product’s name can be translated in other languages. A translator needs to be precise and accurate; mistakes can’t be made, because their effects may be different.

One of the nuances is adaptation of measurement units: when specifying storage temperatures, a Russian translator has to translate Fahrenheit to Celsius, ounces to grams, etc.

And don’t forget about editing of a translated text. Editing provides uniformity of abbreviations, terms, dates etc.; and most importantly — orthographic and punctuation mistakes are excluded. The price of a mistake in translation of the label is too high: if it’s found after release of circulation, it may lead to significant economic and reputational losses. It’s easy to imagine, what expenses re-circulation of labels will result in, so it’s best to recheck a text before putting it to print.

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