Translations of Diet Descriptions for Healthy Life

At first glance, translation of diets descriptions and dietary cookery seems so easy. Wholesome menu looks like a simple sheet of paper with a list of products and dishes, and descriptions of different diets can be considered as a book that contains recipes with ingredients and a set of simple instructions.

Description of diet meals should inform a person about its content and at the same time explain the benefits of one or another product. This is not always easy to achieve since there’s plenty of culinary and linguistic traps.

Ingredients in the description of the diet can also be the cause of difficulties in translation. There are some products in foreign recipes, which impossible to get in Russia, that’s why sometimes there is a need to find substitute ingredients, consulting with a nutritionist or using experience and imagination.

Also, extra care must be taken when translating units of measurements – a translator needs to understand not only linguistic intricacies, but also mathematics. In the UK, people use pounds, ounces, fluid ounces, teaspoons and tablespoons, Russians use the metric system and Americans prefer cups.

The reason of many translation mistakes is translator’s disregard of interpretation of non-obvious meaning, which is hidden in dish name. It’s necessary to translate not only the name and its composition, but also sometimes mention the method of preparation (in both explicit and implicit form). Therefore, the erroneous perception of the text could lead to serious distortions of meaning in translation. That’s why misperception of a text may lead to blatant distortion of meaning during translation. In other words, translation of diet descriptions is complicated because a person needs to not only understand how useful this diet is and what are the main products included in the description, but also encourage them to adhere to this diet, so formulation should be “delicious” and at the same time understandable.

These texts contain a large amount of specific terms that can be accurately translated only by a specialist. To perform high-quality translation of the diet descriptions from English to Russian, it’s required not only excellent original language proficiency, but also extensive background knowledge. Each order needs an individual approach, that’s why selection of a team of linguists for order execution is carried out with taking into close account their experience in work with the texts relating to the medicine and food industry. Turning to translation services from Russian to English, you can be sure that in the process of translation the meaning of translated terms and definitions won’t be distorted. If necessary, professional consultants, who are capable to edit translation, can be hooked to the project.

Jennifer Morel, Australia

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Jacob Haase, Germany

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