Translations of Mergers and Acquisitions Operations

Until recently, organizations that provided products and services around the world were rare. The only ones who conducted international business were large companies, which had the opportunities and capabilities to promote their goods in several countries. They were the main clients of professional translation services.

Over the past decade, business world has undergone serious transformations. The Internet has made an entrance to the global market not only possible, but also very easy. A typical eBay user, for example, can conduct business relationships with people around the planet. These changes made translation services vital for development of almost any company that wants to participate in the global market.

English is a recognized method of communication in the business world, but the breadth of its use doesn’t completely remove the problem of translation. If an interlocutor doesn’t know your language perfectly, it can lead to misunderstanding and deterioration of relations.

For example, if your native language is only second or third for your interlocutor, not all of your phrases will be clear to him/her exactly. Of course, if you continue to communicate like that, this will also lead to misunderstanding. Similar problems can easily be avoided by contacting professional translation services.

You can catch the overall meaning of a document in a foreign language by translating it with help of some machine translation tool. But this method doesn’t necessarily convey the exact meaning of a text, because only a person can solve this problem.

Translation from another language can be a very difficult task. When translating, it’s necessary to keep in mind colloquial expressions, metaphors, cultural features. Attempt of literal translation in such cases can lead to distortion of the meaning. The work of a professional translator is much more than translation of one word after another. It’s not about translating words, but about conveying the meaning. A translator understands what you want to say and conveys it in a foreign language in the most accurate way. One of the most important qualities of professionally performed translation is accuracy.

Use of the services of professional translators will give you the opportunity to convey everything you want to say to those who speak other languages and will make your activities much more effective.

If we talk about translation of legal documents, one of the fundamental requirements is to achieve thorough understanding. In order to work with legal documents in other languages, it’s not enough just to have lawyers in the staff. Special knowledge is usually necessary to work in areas related to medicine. The situation is similar in the issues related to management, loans and property. When choosing which translation services to apply, you should pay great attention to the issue of confidentiality. In addition, a company must have thorough knowledge of the laws of both countries.

Competence and confidentiality are two key parameters that must never be overlooked. Failure to comply with these recommendations with regard to translation of mergers and acquisitions documentation can not only lead to negative consequences on certain issues, but also have a catastrophic impact on business development. In order to safely avoid such cases, you must carefully choose translation services. Confidentiality must be explicitly stipulated when concluding a service agreement. Simple promises aren’t enough here, confidentiality statements must be supported by written contracts and agreements.

It’s also would be advisable to record in writing other guarantees and nuances of performance of work. Reputation of a translation agency should be checked in the most careful manner. Most countries exhibiting themselves in the global market have organizations that certify such translation services. Their job is to develop, maintain and verify translation services. Are translators certified, are they up to date with the latest legislation changes? Are there project managers in a translation bureau who can successfully manage a project? Remember that confidentiality is a top priority.

Translations of mergers and acquisitions, regardless of the size of transactions, are always inherent in complexity, so you need to understand and take into account these difficulties in a clear way. All companies, from small local start-ups to global corporations, need experienced legal translators for mergers and acquisitions transactions.

Our mergers and acquisitions translation services include:

• negotiations on mergers, acquisitions and other public and private transactions;
• negotiations for a purchase of shares, including acquisition and sale of controlling stakes;
• privatization of state property;
• legal audit services;
• acquisition and sale of assets and the division of business;
• creation of joint ventures or limited liability companies for mergers and acquisitions;
• protection from raider schemes;
• corporate administration and directors’ responsibilities in the context of mergers and acquisitions;
• public and private financing of mergers and acquisitions transactions;
• shareholder agreements, labor contracts for executive directors of public and private acquired companies;
• escrow contracts in the context of mergers and acquisitions transactions;
• tax consulting on the issues of mergers and acquisitions, incoming and outgoing international transactions and reorganizations;
• assisting clients in obtaining permission to merge.

Having a clear understanding of business and the legal environment, and also focusing on the issues inherent in each transaction, translators of translation services respond quickly and creatively to the nuances and challenges of complex translations, both small and large.

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