Translations of Utility Bills

The most difficult moment in provision of electricity and water bills to foreign institutions is to make translation of these bills and do all the paperwork in accordance with the requirements of specialized agencies. At the same time, it’s not enough just to reproduce verbatim content. Even in a territory of one state the form requirements differ, but in different countries it can be a serious impediment to foil the projected plans. Translation of bills by translation services is guaranteed to be made taking into account all the rules on a content and form.

Translation of documents from English and to English – the common language of international communication – isn’t too difficult because many people are familiar with it. However, the correct paperwork, taking into account all the details, is available only with help of professionals.

Many of people, who go to a tourist or business trip abroad for the first time, have a question whether translation of utility bills accounts is needed. Translation of these bills in a language of a country where you are going may be required. And it’s important to take into account some special features.

Translation of utility bills is required in a number of consulates as proof of a residential address.

To confirm an address of residence, three documents may be used: an extract from a home book (if the paperwork is done correctly, it can be apostilled), an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights and the simplest option is utility bills.

Yes, this is a usual bill, which is put in your letter box. With these bills you pay a rent, electricity, water, heating, etc. It’s accepted in many consulates as an evidence that you live at a certain address. It’s unlikely that employees of the consulate are interested in where you exactly live; evidence that you have a place to live is enough for them. For the same purpose they can ask for an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights and its translation or a certificate of registration of rights to real estate. The main thing for getting a visa is to prove that you don’t intend to immigrate to their country and stay illegally to work there or apply for unemployment benefits.

Going on a business trip, studying or living in another country, you will receive full translation of all utility bills with proper paperwork in accordance with all the rules, and also you will facilitate your work with reporting for supervisory bodies, having received confirmation of a residential address with help of these bills.