Translators’ Help for Environmental Preservation

Clean sources of energy or renewable energies – the ones that are completely natural and renewed in a natural way. Such sources of energy are wind energy, solar energy (thermal, photovoltaic, concentrated), hydroelectric power stations, tidal forces, geothermal energy, biofuel and biomass. For meeting the energy needs these energy sources have a significant advantage compared to conventional.

With the continuous increase of demand for clean sources of energy throughout the world there is a need for qualitative translation to Russian in this field. They are required to know terminology of this category and possess work experience in this sphere. And translation services are required to have the capacity to process extensive multilingual projects in a short period of time.

Resolution of global issues

In connection with inevitable growing demand for energy, development of renewable energies became one of the most important questions facing the international community at present. Public meetings and conferences are occurring at the highest level all over the world in an attempt to provide future needs for energy with help of renewable energies.

For example, for all Member States the European Union aims to achieve 20 percent energy share from renewable sources by the year 2020. Language barriers may impede effective communication and cooperation between all interested parties. On the basis of this international cooperation there is a need for professional translation services with experience in serious projects.

Although the majority of these projects can be implemented in English, there are vertical connection flows, which contribute in production process. Workers employed in the area of renewable sources of energy have to clearly understand what they must do and what the requirements to ensure safe and secure working process.

One incorrectly translated sentence in a document can send a wrong signal that may lead to a life-threatening situation for workers in the field of renewable energies.

One of the biggest problems in the sector of renewable sources is constant change of terms and concepts. That’s why these terms and concept have to be reported consistently and their definitions should be accurately translated in other languages. This field is developing fast that requires parallel interaction in both quality of translation and technology.

Translation services perform professional translations in the following fields:

• biofuel and biomass energy;
• geothermal power;
• mechanical engineering;
• hydroelectric power;
• photovoltaics;
• solar thermal power;
• water and tidal energy;
• wind energy.

We prepare:

• annual reports;
• technical descriptions;
• energy security reports;
• ecological documents and reports;
• translation of specifications;
• translation of feasibility studies;
• reports on health and safety;
• legal translation of acts;
• marine ecology;
• ornithological and other impact studies;
• translation of resource assessments;
• technical translation of specification.

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