Translator’s Work in the Real Estate Industry

When performing real estate operations, a number of different languages are often involved and, considering that it’s not without challenges with large sums of money at stake, high quality made translation has paramount importance. Translation services offer qualitative translations of different official documents in the sphere of real estate from English to Russian as soon as possible.

A translator, who works with the documents, which regulate the sale and purchase and rental of real estate, has to be an expert in this field. To have time to be actively engaged in the monitoring of continuously changing conditions in this environment is not so easy, and if a person doesn’t have special education, allowing him to instantly navigate in difficult situations, such problems will be even more difficult to solve.

In addition to the legal field, in this area knowledge of project documentation and the financial component may be required. Translation of expert’s opinions, assessments and other competent representatives is not an easy task since the materials of this type involves the use of professional terminology, often unparalleled in other areas.

Translation services provide translator’s work in all phases of real estate transactions:

• on the stage of object search;
• when accompanying and performing agreements and contracts of the sale and purchase, lease of real estate (apartments, commercial real estate, land, houses), mortgage lending;
• when target destination of land is changed;
• when legitimizing replanning;
• when transferring objects from residential to non-residential real estate.

Translations of basic and preliminary contracts, translations to Russian of all types of documents, which are necessary for operations with real estate, translations of business correspondence (official letters, emails and fax correspondence) are implemented.

Types of legal documents:

• contracts, including the main and preliminary contracts;
• extracts and complete texts of laws and other normative-legal acts of other countries;
• personal documents;
• power of attorney;
• certificates.

Types of financial documents:

• bank documentation;
• documents relating to credits, including mortgages.

Features of language translation in the field of real estate

The complexity and responsibility of documents translation in the field of real estate is comparable with translation of medical subject, which involves obligatory implementation of a number of requirements. In documents, besides accuracy of terminology, official names of companies and organizations, first and last names must be correctly written.

A translator must perfectly understand the specific terms and expressions, as well as stick to the cliché.

Staff of translation services includes only the narrowly focused experts, who have appropriate qualification and extensive experience in translation of documents related to real estate. They regularly monitor all the details of legislation and regulations that are relevant in different countries; it allows them to possess full information related to this specific market.

Here you can order translation of lease, sale and purchase contracts, documents of legal integrated assessment of real estate offices, offers, agreements and surety. The final result will be an absolute analog of the original: the same formatting and design. All conditions, which are specified in the document, will be completely available for native speakers of the language to which translation was made and that will exclude all inconsistencies and discrepancies.

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