Useful Tools for Translators

No matter how good a translator speaks a foreign language, he or she may not reckon on the own knowledge only. He must always use the best dictionaries and software products. There has been said a lot of things how to enlarge one’s word stock and improve professional skills, but tool questions are still open. There are different points of view that describe various dictionaries and programs, but most of them have common moments.

Maybe, five years ago all the translators and linguists dealing with the English language stated unanimously that the best dictionary ever was English-Russian Muller’s Dictionary. It is really good but very primitive for the 21st century. It is convenient enough to flip through the book at home, but it is rather difficult to take it with you for work. There is nothing to say about electronic dictionaries that have greatly simplified the translation work.

Some specialists believe that ABBYY-Lingvo is the most popular dictionary representing the entire family of electronic dictionaries. It allows word-for-word translating, rather than translating a whole text. The program comprises Lingvo Tutor education module that is able to remember new words. Apart from already existing 150 professional dictionaries, the program deals with an extended database of users’ dictionaries that are widely shared.

Multitran (an Internet-system) is also worth mentioning, since it includes several electronic dictionaries. It is rather good, because it embraces a great variety of themes (more than 800) and is very convenient in use. Its main characteristics are as follows:

1. alphabetical, morphological and phrasal lists;

2. automatic search of stable phrases;

3. simultaneous search in dictionaries, at a forum, as well as in bases of the Russian and English sentences;

4. the possibility to individually develop the dictionary.

The translators from English into Russian may not work without definition dictionaries, because these two languages are very different concerning the culture. Some culture-specific elements can be extremely alien for the translators and the target audience – and this despite the fact that a translator must understand a text before its translating. The best such dictionaries are Oxford English Dictionary, Longman English Dictionary, and Collins English Dictionary. Fortunately, all the above mentioned dictionaries are represented in electronic format.

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