Website Translation

It is widely accepted that modern websites and software programs constitute a complex unity of a source code, resources, and other data. As a rule, translation of these materials is not an ordinary task that implies meticulous preparative work, careful scheduling, as well as considerable efforts and execution time.

It will be better, if any website is translated by well-educated specialists with perfect experience in the given field. Such professionals lead to the fact that original texts can be not only translated, but also localized in accordance with main and accepted norms. A process of localization consists of the following stages: preliminary work, translation activities, and insertion of translated elements into site resources. Each of these stages implies certain peculiarities and steps that must be performed by qualified translators together with experienced programmers.

Preliminary work means to analyze an existing source code of a program and to find the most suitable solution on how to insert a bilingual support into the code. Then, specialists must choose the best structure of text elements and their position on screen. It refers to separate pools, configuration files, subdomains, and data bases. A final step here is to ask a client in order to inquire all the requirements concerning the localization of a product.

Translation activities imply translation of all the text elements or programs of a website from English into Russian. Moreover, all the translated materials must be properly optimized to the cultural and social peculiarities of the target language. This stage is very important since it makes the translated materials understood to every user.

The final stage is an insertion of translated elements into website resources. Here, programmers code to support the bilingual processes, while linguistic specialists translate graphic and other elements. At the end, all the translated and processed materials must be adjusted in accordance with the website design.

Moreover, qualified and experienced specialists of our translation firm can also provide our clients with additional services, such as Search Engine Optimization and assistance in distributing a translated website into foreign countries.

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