What is a transcription of speech?

Translation from audio and video media is a relatively new service. Such translation is a combination of oral and written translation and is carried out from various media (audio cassettes, VHS, CD/DVDs, audio files of different formats, as well as online videos/tracks). Specialists consider such work to be the most responsible and complex: in order to correctly implement translation of the audio track, the performer must be a professional in the field of translation, and also have a good professional hearing (listening skills), be able to correctly interpret the sound material. Today translation of audio and video is in demand in various spheres of life, including business (advertising, image materials), in the educational sphere, in the film industry.

Translation of an audio track (audio or video file) is usually done through the decoding stage of the original (transcription). The decryption/transcription of text can also be provided separately.

Transcription/decoding of speech – converting information from the form of digital audio to the type of written text. The written text has advantages over the audio track: it has a wider field of application and is more convenient for exchange and transmission. In addition, it can be used to create subtitles. Duplicating oral speech in a written analogue, you make your information object unique.

Regardless of the language of your audio file, we will be able to prepare a written transcription of the dialogue in such a way that you can use this content, as required by the tasks of your business.

Why would you need to transcribe an audio or video file into text?

There are many reasons why a company or an individual may need to transcribe a video or audio file. You could receive materials that need to be translated into the text, third parties may require a written copy of your materials or you would like to use your own content to spread information about your products and services — transcription provides many benefits, including: better information perception, titration and easier creation of derived content from different types of audio and video files. Some of the most frequently ordered types of audio files are:

• interviews;
• research;
• podcasts;
• video dialogs;
• lectures.

The translation bureau offers high-quality audio and video transcription services for decoding your audio or video materials into text for further processing. If you have a file that requires decryption, the bureau also offers a fast transcription service at an affordable price with a guarantee of high quality.

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