When Do You Need Help of Translation Services?

We live at a time when the borders between countries are becoming more transparent and the opportunities for doing business at the international level are expanding. It’s not just about giant transnational corporations, but also about small private projects. Even housewives now have the opportunity to earn abroad with help of such a universal tool as the Internet.

There are three ways to overcome the language barrier:

• online programs;
• translation services (translation and interpretation);
• and, finally, independent translation with help of phrase books and dictionaries.

However, to successfully solve business problems, a language must be mastered perfectly; therefore, professional translation services are usually used.

There are some of the business areas in which translators play a key role.

Medicine and pharmaceutics

For Russian mentality, it’s difficult to put medicine and commerce in the same row; nevertheless, it’s an increasingly popular type of business. A specialist is needed to translate necessary information to a patient, both in written and oral form. Translation of operating instructions for the installation of medical equipment, where accuracy is more important than ever, translation of the properties descriptions of pharmaceuticals, where a mistake can play a fatal role — these are just some examples of situations where professionalism of a translator must be at a high level.


To sell a product in the market of another country, you must first translate all the documentation: operating instructions, installation, if it comes to equipment, descriptions and specifications, and much more. Very great importance is given to whether a translator knows the cultural traditions and mentality of the local population. The ultimate goal is maximum adaptation of a product to the local market, as if it was originally produced in a country where it’s going to be promoted. One example of such adaptation can be medicines, when a company manufacturer translates the name of the same drug in each country so that it’s more conducive to the local population.

Separate industries of the global business system

Narrowly specialized translators work in such areas as finance and marketing. They need to know not only the terminology, but also have good knowledge of the work of the relevant enterprises and markets and be aware of the current situation. An example of this type of service is the work of a translator in the stock markets, which includes translation of financial statements, regulatory documents, etc. Translators with knowledge of marketing are indispensable when it comes to launching a new product on the market and it’s necessary to translate brochures, booklets with product descriptions, presentations, etc.

Conferences and other major business events

International forums of organizations such as the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and others are becoming a meeting place for participants from all over the world. For this format, a very large staff of translators is involved, and it’s advisable for a specialist to know not one but several languages. Quite often, translators act as intermediaries between representatives of enterprises from different countries.

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