When do you need notarized translation?

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides many cases when notarized translation of documents is necessary in an imperative order. However, in the contractual civil law relations, notarization of translation of various documents by the notary gives legal assurance to the parties to the contract, because the letter of the law makes it much easier to resolve various conflict situations and disputes within a particular transaction.

By definition, stated in the terminological legal dictionary, notarized translation of documents is a translation made by a professional translator who has the right, according to the legislation of the Russian Federation, to translate the documentation, and certified by a notary in the manner provided by the Law. In this case, the role of the notary is to enter information about a particular translator into a single register, as well as to certify with a wet seal the authenticity of the translator’s signature, as well as availability of a diploma of a profile higher education. Translation will be eligible for the submission of the original document.

In particular, it is necessary to translate documents when a foreigner is employed in the Russian Federation, when a foreigner enters a Russian higher educational institution, when a Russian citizen leaves for work or study abroad, translation of the treaty text when concluding international legal transactions State companies, and private legal entities and individuals.

The market economy, an open labor market and a fairly simple procedure for temporary migration contribute to the emergence of a large demand for notarial translation services, as a result of which a number of non-professional (shadow) firms have emerged (and continue to occur) in Russia, which provide poor-quality translation, or translation made with a retreat from the norms of the Russian legislation. After that the client has numerous problems with the device for work, admission to the university, etc. Therefore, when there is a need to translate your documents, you should very carefully approach the choice of the company that will provide you with this service. These can be passports, birth certificates, medical certificates (when traveling for further treatment abroad), documents required to obtain a visa to any country in the world, documents required for the registration of a legal entity (including when opening branches and subsidiaries), court documents (in particular, when a person applies to the European Court of Human Rights), as well as other documents: a pension certificate, insurance, the consent of one of the parents to leave the child abroad, driving licenses, certificates for registration of vehicles, technical passports for any product, various certificates and characteristics.

Professionalism of the translation bureau staff will not allow you to worry about quality and terms of these services.

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