When Will You Need a Family Book?

A family book is a combination of certificates of birth, marriage, nullity of marriage, divorce and death. This document is obtained by citizens, who are getting married, or citizens, regardless of civil status, who have given birth to a child. Also a family book is issued to a child, who was born on the territory of the country, for some time after birth, if the parents aren’t citizens of the country and don’t have a family book.

When registering a secular marriage, records of it are made in the Civil Registry, and then in the court of the place of residence a family book, where there is the conduct of married couple housekeeping and marks on civil status acts (in the case of adoption, for example, both adoptive parents and the child’s parents are specified), should be issued. If a marriage is registered by ecclesiastical authorities, newlyweds receive a church certificate, which should be provided to the Civil Registry for making an entry. After that, a family book will be issued to them. If a parents’ marriage has been registered on the territory of another state, and they’re not the owners of a family book, after childbirth in the territory of a particular state document will be issued in his or her name. A child will be recorded in a family book as a legitimate citizen of this country, as well as his parents. After a birth of third child family will receive a family book of a large family. This document will give right to receive different benefits and discounts (for example, purchase of railway and air tickets, scholarships registration, obtaining loans from financial institutions, etc.).

Citizens of the Russian Federation need to be reminded that for child’s inscribing in a parent’s passport you need to provide a Russian birth certificate or a birth certificate of another country (or an extract from the Civil Registry, where childbirth has been registered). A foreign certificate is subject to compulsory translation to Russian by a sworn translator. Also you should know that a family book is not recognized by the Russian authorities of civil registration.

Translation of a family book can be done by both the official translators at the Court of Appeal of another country (in this case, translation is necessary to certify in the Russian consular office) and a translator at the notary’s office in Russia (in the same place translation will be certified).

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