Why Do Experts in Energetics Need Help of Translation Services?

Energetics rightly occupies one of the most important roles in the economy of any country, and development of energy complex moves forward at a very rapid pace today: new technologies are developed, new forms of energy are explored, new technologically advanced objects are formed and energy equipment is improved. International cooperation in the industry is well under way; sharing of technologies, materials and specialists provides all increasing requirements of energy market participants.

Translation of texts in the field of energetics – multi-step process because in this industry, along with strictly energetic terminology, legal, economical, construction and general technical terminology is used too. Providing consistency of terms is a necessary condition for order performing.

Energy is a very specialized topic that’s why translators of such texts have higher engineering education. Translations of this topic are necessarily sent out for subsequent proofreading and editing. In this type of translation accuracy plays a huge role – it helps equipment of power stations to work properly, supplying electricity smoothly and without collapses in the form of global and horrifying disasters. The importance of Russian translations in energetics is also determined by their quality – only specialists with long experience in translation of such texts, who know it «from the inside», work on them.

Energy complex includes production, electricity distribution, power generation facilities and power engineering industry. Russian translators have accumulated immense work experience of translation in energetics for representatives of both listed sectors in all directions of the industry: hydropower, thermal power, nuclear energy and renewable sources of energy. We provide interpreting for both large long-term complex projects and small tasks of market participants.

The structure of translation services in energetics includes written translations of technical, project, testing, research, tender, financial, marketing and all other types of documentation; testing results; standards, requirements and regulations.
Our specialists have great work experience with the following documents:

• documentation for construction and operation of gas-turbine electric power stations;
• guides and instructions for installation and operation of equipment;
• safety data sheet in the workplace;
• drawings, graphics, schemes, tables, diagrams with subsequent formatting;
• protocols of quality control of on-site work;
• documentation on electrical equipment/controlling and measuring apparatus and automatics;
• instructions for automated industrial management systems.

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